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General Information About LoRiser


The most popular vehicle lift over the past 50 years has been the inground hydraulic lift. Technicians love the convenience these lifts offer and how quickly they can raise vehicle wheels off the floor, ready for removal. However, environmental problems caused by these lifts (which contained up to 75 gallons of hydraulic oil and were located in the ground beneath beneath the shop floor- often in hoses) were severe. New environmentally friendly designs were developed so shops could still have their favorite type of lift. However these new designs are very expensive.
LoRiser lifts were developed to provide technicians the convenience of inground lifts in quick wheel removal and the environmental safety today’s world demands at a much lower cost than environmentally safe full-height lifts.


LoRiser Lifts incorporate new generation technology with proven hydraulic components to deliver state-of-the art lift systems. A high-pressure pump located in the control console operates hydraulic cylinders located in vaults which drop into the floor, out of the way when not in use. The control console is connected to the hydraulic cylinders by high-pressure hydraulic hoses running through conduits beneath the floor for easy accessibility.


LoRiser Vault before installationStandard installations require shallow excavations for the 4’ deep lift vaults with the top of the vaults at floor level. Steel rails on the vault tie into the concrete floor as a part of installation.
The control console is bolted to the shop floor in an area adjacent to the lift vault(s). A 3""PVC chase serves as containment for the hydraulic lines and runs from each containment vault beneath the floor to the control console.


LoRiser Control Operator Control PanelVehicles drive over the lift with automatic positioning of the axle provided by included wheel spotting dishes. Select the axle to be raised at the control panel and depress the RAISE button to activate the lift unit. The hydraulic system incorporates an automatic lock of the hydraulic system when the lift is not active allowing locking the lift at any desired position. Double acting cylinders provide rapid escalation and retraction of the jack. The pump action reverses flow to raise the lift or lower is back into the lift compartment as needed.


LoRiser Control Console Side ViewThe control console requires connecting 220 volt/1 phase electrical power to tie-in points provided inside the control console. The electro-hydraulic lift system utilizes a two stage pump that insures rapid movement when there is no load on the lift, and slower movement under load. The upper part of the console houses motor starter and controls. The hydraulic power unit is located in the lower part of the console. A wired remote pendant control is included to allow the raising and lowering of the lift all along the side of the vehicle for watching axle engagement.