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Equipment Packages
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Single Fixed Vault Only

  • Our most cost-conscious lift system
  • Available with either LoRiser1 or LoRiser2 single fixed unit

Fixed Rear/Moveable Front

  • Allows work on both ends of vehicle at the same time
  • Moveable-post front unit has hydraulic drive for push button wheelbase adjustment
  • Moveable-post front unit available with either 42” or 96” fore/aft adjustment
  • Available with either LoRiser1 or LoRiser2 fixed rear unit

Side-By-Side Fixed Vaults with Common Control Console

  • Saves the cost of separate control console for each bay
  • Controls switch back and forth between lift units
  • Available with either LoRIser1, LoRiser2, or one of each fixed rear units

Bid Specifications
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