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LoRiser2 Wheel Service Lift For Sanitation Trucks

For Sanitation Truck Service

  • Fastest, easiest, safest way to remove wheels for brake/tire/suspension work
  • Much lower cost than full height inground lifts
  • Optional moveable front post
  • Environmentally Safe; Perfect companion lift for mobile column lifts
  • Several equipment package combinations available
Return on Investment in less than one year
Saves 30—40 minutes setup/teardown per job
60,000 lb. rear lifting capacity

LoRiser2 for Sanitation Trucks

LoRiser2 Lifts all eight rear wheels at the same time

Lifts all eight rear wheels at the same time

LoRiser2 wheel service vault

Costs 1/3 as much as full-height in-ground lifts. Four-foot tall vault requires minimal excavation.

LoRiser2 wheel service lift in ground

Out of the way when not in use

LoRiser brake work

Perfect companion to Portable Column Lifts

Mobile column lifts are not well suited for brake work since they pick vehicles up by the wheels.

LoRiser2 Return on Investment Calculations

LoRiser2 saves .75 hr per job
Time saved each job

$80 Shop Rate used to calculate savings
Your shop hourly rate

2 Brake/Wheel jobs/Day
Brake/wheel jobs/day

300 work days per year
Work days/year

LoRiser2 saves $36,000 per year when compared to floor jack use.
Annual savings

(based on above assumptions)

 Download our work and time comparison of LoRiser2 to floor jacks for a precise analysis of exactly how time is saved by using LoRiser2

LoRiser2’s Unique Design Features

  • 2 year warranty
  • Lifts all eight rear wheels at the same time in less than 1 minute
  • Savings in setup time of ½ hour or more per job
  • Return on investment less than 1 year
  • Out of the way when not in use
  • 90,000 lb. total lift capacity (60,000 lbs. rear/30,000 lbs. front)
  • 1 minute setup, 1 minute teardown
  • 1/3 the installed cost of full height inground lifts

  • Remote operator’s pendant for control, safety, convenience, and accuracy in mounting 
  • Wheel spotting dishes for easy positive positioning of the vehicle
  • Optional moveable front vault for lifting entire vehicle
  • Two stage pump for rapid movement with no load
  • Double acting cylinders for rapid retraction with no load
  • Adapters available for various special vehicles (if needed)
  • Four-foot tall vault requires minimal excavation

Freestanding Control Console

LoRiser Operator Control Console

  • Remote operator’s pendant included for control, safety, convenience

Environmentally Safe Design Features

LoRiser Control Console shoing hydraulic system

  • Only 2-3 gallons of hydraulic oil in the entire system
  • Steel vaults are encased in concrete
  • Hydraulic reservoir located in control console (above floor)
  • Hydraulic hoses routed inside conduits for ease of accessibility

Several Lift packages available

There are several lift packages for LoRiser

  • Standard package includes fixed rear vault with with console 
  • Optional lift packages available

Adapters available for specific applications

Adapters are available for various installations